Top 10 First Date Mistakes

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Top 10 First Date Mistakes

Top 10 First Date Mistakes

When it comes to first date jitters, sometimes it can be hard to avoid being totally candid when someone puts you on the spot, or for the sake of stimulating conversation. Even worse, a few drinks can really destroy the filter and leave you walking away with a facepalm. Here’s 10 very important “dont’s” to keep in mind when you embark on your first date adventure.

  1. Cellphones Put the cellphone away! As tempting as it may be to check the time, a text, or an email, it’s best to turn the ringer off and give your date your undivided. Even if they slip off to the bathroom, try your best to resist the temptation to peek.
  2. Talking about your Ex This is a very common mistake, especially if you break up is fresh or recent. It can sometimes be a difficult topic to avoid when something surfaces that may be relevant, but try your best to not bring it up. If your date initiates it and inquires, try and be vague and not vengeful or too fond, and simply try to change the subject.
  3. Poor table manners Not all of us attended charm school, and hopefully no one will really notice that you picked the dinner fork for your appetizer, but simple please and thank yous, and chewing with your mouth closed, and not talking with a mouthful are paramount. Try to order something that won’t give you bad breath, stick to your teeth or be a sloppy mess.
  4. Bragging Its ok to politely address your accomplishments when prompted, or when it’s relevant to a discussion, but going out of the way and going on and on about how awesome you are can undermine your date and be quite a turn off.
  5. Getting wasted It’s perfectly acceptable to partake in an adult beverage to loosen up, but to start slamming shots and get sloppy, you may find that your aren’t able to maintain control and could eventually sabotage the date. Know your limits, nobody likes a sloppy drunk.
  6. Getting weird Avoid awkward topics like your strange obsessions or your troubled past.
  7. Getting too frisky Healthy flirting is certainly acceptable, but getting graphic or downright nasty is not a great way to start a potential lasting relationship. If your date crosses the line, try not scold them but gently reel them away from the topic and politely hint that’s something for later. Getting too touchy feely is also a big no-no.
  8. Don’t BS Honesty is the best policy, especially when it comes to dating. Sure, we all embellish a bit from time to time, but it’s important not to destroy the sanctity of trust early on. Don’t let getting caught in a lie sabotage a potential match!
  9. Religion or Politics Unless these things are a deal breaker in your potential mate try to avoid them or use them as a conversational segue. We all have our opinions, but we certainly don’t need to get in heated debate with someone whom we may be compatible with on every other level.
  10. Picking up the tab There are long standing debates on chivalry and courtesy when it comes to picking up the tab. Safest bet? Don’t be presumptuous not offer your share. Agree to go halfs or at least offer. If your date insists, be very gracious, and offer to catch the next one, or drinks at the next bar.

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