Expect to kiss a lot of Frogs

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Expect to kiss a lot of Frogs

If this is the beginning of your internet dating adventure then it’s important that you must keep your expectations realistic. Sure, your first attempt and first date could land your potential mate but the likelihood is slim.

It’s very important that you don’t get too attached to a certain profile because of superstition or certainty based solely on what you’ve read about them online, the mystery behind the keyboard is far more complex than the basic presentations from the questionairre.

Go into every date with an open, neutral mind set, this may or may not be the one, and it’s perfectly acceptable if it’s not. The drawing board is a much better place than the disappointment board. Embrace the idea of the bus mentality “another one every 15 minutes”

Placing too much emphasis on your date before you even meet them can often result in noticeable desperation or pressure, so try your best to stay level headed, even if everything on paper may point to this one really being “the one.”

You may find that your interest or lack thereof is not mutual, try to not waste any time trying to convince yourself or your date otherwise. Sometimes our instincts are more accurate than emotion or even logic.

Once you realize that it gets easier to dismiss the idea of someone whom you really wanted it to work, the more you will realize that when you finally do meet that special someone, it didn’t work out the with others for a very good reason!


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