2nd Date Advice: Know the Signs

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2nd Date Advice: Know the Signs

Knowing when to run: Big reasons to reconsider that 2nd date:

So your first date was fair to midland, and you can’t decide if maybe there’s a chance the next date can redeem your interest. Here’s 10 factors to consider when deciding to give that below average first date a second chance:

  1. Mr. Unemployed: Sure we are living in a recession and in this economy unemployment is everywhere, but beware. You should frown less on someone’s who is gainfully employed at McDonalds than someone who makes excuses about their entitlement to unemployment without making any effort to progress. Sure it’s possible to dealt a bad hand of cards, but consider the history. If it’s been brief and seemingly out of place, then maybe give it chance. If there always seems to be an excuse, then you’ve been warned.
  2. Mr. Emotionally Unavailable: “I’ve just never been the relationship type I guess” unless you want to be a booty call, beware! If you are looking for the real thing with kids and marriage, you may want to consider that you aren’t going to have the magic saddle to break this stallion.
  3. Mr. Eternally Single: This one is Mr. Unavailable’s ugly twin. If he’s never had a real girlfriend, maybe he is just waiting for the right one, or more likely he is just not comfortable with commitment, either way, proceed with caution.
  4. Mr. Horny: Flirting can be sexy, but if he is going overboard on innuendos and not seeming to be interested in much else you may want to question his motivation. Maybe he is already in a committed relationship but is looking for a little side action? Don’t be surprised if you get caught up into this trap if you don’t get a call back, you’ve been warned!
  5. Mr. Frat Boy: Sure there’s nothing wrong with having a few drinks on date, but beware when that shift takes place of being buzzed to getting “wasted.” If he is pounding shot after shot, and encouraging you to do the same, it may be time to question his motives.
  6. Mr. Cheapskate: There is nothing wrong with budgeting and being frugal, but chivalry is not dead. If he ever expects you to totally pick up his bill, or asks for free drinks at the bar, he could be trying to pave his way to be your sugarbaby, it’s an easy trap to fall into when the charm is turned up on full blast.
  7. Ex Factors: This applies to both genders. Not shutting up or ranting and raving about your ex can definitely indicate you’re on the rebound. Beware of the temptation to bring it up, and beware of the person who won’t shut up.
  8. Phone Fiddler: First date etiquette it’s well know that cell phones should not be present during the date. Beware of the person who is constantly checking or texting and not giving you their undivided attention. It’s a common hazard, but a red flag nonetheless.

Some of these don’ts are definitely forgivable follies, but they should all be carefully considered and heeded as warnings!


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